The Bard's Tale iOS Support Page

Check below for known issues that have solutions you can use immediately. If your issue is not described below then please use oursupport form to contact us with a detailed description of the trouble you are having, including the version of the app you are running.

General Instructions

For general help with game controls and options, please see The Bard's Tale iOS Manual.

Known Issues and Resolutions

We hear you, and we are committed to improving The Bard's Tale for iOS with bug fixes and new features. We try our best to introduce new features that work perfectly the first time, but sometimes bugs happen. When they do, we will fix them as soon as possible and provide information here with how to cope with them until the app update containing the fixes is available.

Crashes on iOS 6 for iPhone and iPod Touch (iPad OK)

A probable work-around is to sign in to Game Center through the dedicated Game Center app before launching The Bard's Tale app. An update to fix this issue is in progress.

Audio/video Stutters (v1.6)

Support in 1.6 for a gamepad peripheral that works through the audio jack is conflicting with normal headphone use. The temporary solution is to unplug from the headphone jack. If you cold-start the app without headphones plugged in, then after the app starts you can resume using the headphones without issue. A permanent fix that will re-enable normal headphone use is pending. Here is how to cold-start the app:
  1. If you are currently in the game, then close the game by pressing the home button on your device.
  2. The above step merely suspends the app. We need to completely stop it to achieve a cold-start. Here are instructions on how to do that, adapted from The iPhone Mom website (
    • Tap the home button twice.
    • At the bottom of the screen you'll see a row app icons. These are the apps that are running. Slide your finger to move forward or backward through the apps to find The Bard's Tale icon. Chances are you'll have more than the four that first show up.
    • Touch The Bard's Tale app icon and hold your finger on it until they all start wiggling. A small red circle will appear at the top left of the icon.
    • Tap on the red circle on The Bard's Tale and the app icon will disappear. The app is now no longer running in the background.
    • Tap the home button again to return to your home screen.
  3. Now make sure your headphones are unplugged.
  4. Start The Bard's Tale app again. Since it is no longer running in the background, this is a cold-start, and you should see the intro screens and movies.
  5. Now that it is started you can plug in your headphones without encountering the stuttering sound.

No Sound (iOS bug)

There are several possible causes for this issue, and you can try the solutions below. Number 3 below addresses an iOS bug and seems to do the trick for most people.

1. Make sure the hardware mute toggle switch on the side of your device is not set to mute. The intro movies will play with mute on because they are media files (like a movie or music), but the in-game audio will not play if the mute toggle is set to mute.

2. Make sure the volume settings in the game not set to 0. Check these from the main menu (or pause menu) in Options/Sound Options/.

3. Try the solutions to an iOS bug suggested on this website (related to the hardware mute toggle switch):
"Problem: Many/most non-Apple Apps have no sound from the iPad internal speaker. Plugging headphones in provides sound from all apps. Apple Apps (youtube, music, video, safari, etc) continue to function and play sound out of internal speakers normally.

Resolution: This issue appears to be related to the 'mute' / screen orientation lock button. If your iPad mute switch was on mute when you switched it to orientation lock, 3rd party apps will remain muted via internal speakers no matter what you do. Luckily an easy fix: Go Settings -> General and switch from 'lock rotation' to mute. Slide the switch to the non-muted position. You can now switch back to 'lock rotation' and your apps will play sound from the internal speaker again!!!"

4. Finally if none of these work, make sure you have the latest update (we fixed a bug in 1.2 that was a source of audio problems). 

iCloud Saved Game Synching

To sync your saved games across your devices, please ensure the following:

1. On both devices, go to your Settings app and:
a. Sign in to the same iCloud account (you should see the same e-mail address on the "Account" setting on both devices).
b. Make sure the "Documents & Data" setting is turned "On".
2. On both devices, go into the Bard's Tale game to the Main Menu/Options/Saved Game Options, and turn the iCloud option to "On".
3. On your device that has the saved games, go to the Main Menu/Load Saved Game menu, and let it sit there while you do the next step below.
4. On your other device, go to the Main Menu/Load Saved Games menu, and let it sit there until the saved games appear. You can exit the game on your original device now.
5. After this you should be able to play on either device and your saved games will sync to the other device when you launch the game on the other device and go to the "Load Saved Game" menu.

Classic Game Text Speed Scrolls too Fast

To adjust the scroll speed, use the big left and right arrow keys/buttons (when you have the keyboard interface up). These only work on the on-screen virtual keyboard in version 1.4. In update 1.5 (available in a week or so) they will also work on a real hardware keyboard (Bluetooth or docked).

Compatibility List

The Bard's Tale works with most iOS devices but not some older ones. Here is the list of supported devices and iOS versions: 

Compatible with iOS 4.0 and higher on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPod Touch 4th generation, iPad, and iPad 2 and 3.
HD on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and 3, including environment mapping, dynamic water surfaces, full shadow cast, and 60Hz display-refresh (with in-game "Battery Savings" option turned off).

If you have purchased the game on an unsupported device you can request a refund from Apple. Here is a helpful article explaining how to do that: