The Bard's Tale Android Support Page

Check below for known issues that have solutions you can use immediately. If your issue is not described below then please use our support form to contact us with a detailed description of the trouble you are having, including the version of the app you are running.

General Instructions

For general help with game controls and options, please see The Bard's Tale Android Manual.

Known Issues and Resolutions

We hear you, and we are committed to improving The Bard's Tale for Android with bug fixes and new features. We try our best to introduce new features that work perfectly the first time, but sometimes bugs happen. When they do, we will fix them as soon as possible and provide information here with how to cope with them until the app update containing the fixes is available.

How do I get the HD Assets after insalling the SD Assets or vice versa?

Problem: Once assets are downloaded there is no in-game option for switching to the other asset resolution.
Solution: To change the downloaded assets you will need to use a file manager and follow these steps:
1. Nativate to /Android/data/com.inxile.BardTale/files
2. Delete the "dlc" file and the "movies" and "res" folders.
3. Restart the app and you will be prompted to download the assets again and will have the choice of SD or HD.

Opent Feint 404 Error or stalling

Problem: Some users report receiving a "Open Feint 404 error" when starting the game (after downloading the additional assets required to play the game). Or very slow response when checking Open Feint
Solution: The Open Feint servers may be overloaded or down on occasion. Please try again a little later.

License Error on Downloading Additional Assets

Problem: Some users report receiving a "License" error when attempting to download the additional assets required to play the game.
Solution: The reported solution is to reinstall the app. If that fails, clearing market data and then re-installing the app has worked where re-install alone has failed.

Graphics flicker on some ASUS devices

Problem: Some users report graphical flickering or strobing on certain ASUS devices.
Solution: Change the power settings to "performance mode" (as opposed to "power save"). This seems to be a bug introduced the ASUS firmware (related to rsync as far as they've told us). They are working on a fix. The power setting solution is a temporary work-around. Some users have reported success with a cold boot of Android to clear memory fragmentation: Turn off the device. Turn it back on while holding the power and volume down buttons. When the screen changes to all black with an Android logo and some white text at the top, let go of the buttons. Now, press the volume up button to continue a cold boot. 

Classic Game Text Speed Scrolls too Fast

To adjust the scroll speed, use the big left and right arrow keys/buttons (when you have the keyboard interface up).


Compatible with Android devices running Android9 or 2.3.1 Gingerbread, OpenGL ES 2 and higher.