The Bard’s Tale IV Update 11: Let’s Talk Classes and Races

Bard's Tale2 years ago • 2015-06-26

Hello again Exiles! First off, don't forget today is the last day to take advantage of our inXile Loyalty Rewards promotion! Before I jump into the meat of this update, we have an awesome new piece of concept art to show you: The castle of the High Jarl of the Einarr. When you arrive, the selkies, corrupted by the skull of a dead god sunk deep in the waters of the firth, have laid seige to it, demanding from the Jarl an ancient reliquary that holds the rest of the old go...
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Cliqist Plays the Original Bard’s Tale Trilogy

Bard's Tale2 years ago • 2015-06-22

To prepare for The Bard's Tale IV, crowdfunded gaming site Cliqist explores the original trillogy. Give it a read and remember, our backers will get these three games for free! The story picks up right were the first Bard's Tale left off. You've just conquered Mangar, and it's time to grab a few frosty ales down at the pub and relax. Enter the wizard Saradon (which is vaguely reminiscent of Saruman or Sauron), who informs you that there are more adversaries to deal with t...
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The Bard’s Tale IV Update 9: Mangar, Lagoth, Tarjan and... Monte Cook?

Bard's Tale2 years ago • 2015-06-18

Hey Exiles! It's E3 2015 week, and it's hectic times all around. We have a great update for you all. We have lots to share, including some new talent we're hoping to have join the Bard's Tale team, some glimpses at the game's story background, and even a full track from the brilliant Mark Morgan! First, here is a quick tour of our E3 showing. Brian, Thomas, Joey Betz and myself stopped by sunny LA to demo Wasteland 2 running on Xbox One. While it's not Bard's Tale related,...
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Cliqist on The Bard’s Tale IV

Bard's Tale2 years ago • 2015-06-16

Crowdfunding games news site Cliqist has compiled a roundup of what they know so far on The Bard's Tale IV. Check it out of you'd like a refresher course! Here's what we know about The Bards Tale IV itself. It is a direct sequel to the last game in the trilogy, taking off from what transpired before. The town of Skara Brae is encased in magical ice and time has proven itself to not be an ally as a new town has been built upon its frozen carcass. The eponymous Bard returns...
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