Senior Environment Artist

artNewport Beach, CA

Seeking a Senior Environment Artist to join our environment art team, responsible for all aspects of environment creation.

Ideal candidate will be able to: model assets, create UVs, textures, and materials, import assets into Unity, place them in the world and light scenes.


  • Experience in creating and lighting 3D environments in Unity 5 or Unreal 4.
  • Senior level proficiency with current content creation packages, including Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, etc.
  • Complete knowledge of high and low poly modeling, UVs, baking normal maps, and creating PBR textures.
  • Complete knowledge of current PBR pipelines.
  • Solid grasp of color theory and lighting techniques for quality environment presentation.
  • Organized and able to optimize assets within strict guidelines.
  • Work closely with the leads to ensure the visual target is always exceeded and consistent.
  • Works well in a collaborative environment.
  • At least 5 years experience.


  • Shipped AAA games with Unity 5 or Unreal 4.
  • Experience developing on varied platforms (PC, consoles, etc.).
  • Avid gamer.


  • Demonstrate a range of current generation game ready art.
  • Examples of modeled, textured, and lit environments or props rendered in a real-time engine.